THE LEY FAMILY - We are a busy family of three (soon to be five!). We've just loved the convenience of getting 3-4 meals a week from Evelyn (plus delicious lunches and freezer-friendly soups [chicken tortilla is our FAVE]). More than anything, we love how healthy and whole each dish is for our family. With so much to get done every day, it's so nice to know our meals are good for our family and made with so much love. We highly recommend Clean Plate Cooking! :) - Emily Ley

THE PITTMAN FAMILY - I love ordering fresh, healthy options from Evelyn for lunches and quick "busy day" dinners. Our little guy loves the food and it's so nice to come home, sit down and eat - without having to fuss or make a giant mess in the kitchen. I love the extra time it allows us to spend together as a family. - McKay Pittman

THE GUERCIO FAMILY - Evelyn is the best! I love to cook and try new recipes. My husband does not love that I love to cook because I have been known to burn, undercook, overseason, forget ingredients, etc. So Evelyn nights are a necessity for survival in our home! Seriously, the meals are so delicious and easy and I've actually discovered dishes I never knew I would love. We just had our first baby and having a few extra meals on hand for the week is awesome and gives us the opportunity to sit down and eat together at the end of the day. As our family grows, I hope to keep those weekly dinners as much as we can and hopefully one day my family will enjoy my cooking as much as they do Ms. Evelyn's! - Jessica Guercio

THE CLERY FAMILY - As a work-from-home dad, Clean Plate Cooking has been an ideal way to have home-cooked, delicious meals on the table ready to eat when my wife gets home from work (without me having to run to the store or break from work to prepare the food). We typically order a couple days each week, and normally have enough leftover for lunch the next day, too. All for less than half what it costs to take our family out to a modest restaurant. Delicious food, great price, and they deliver. What’s not to like? - Doug Clery

THE ROTENBERG FAMILY: Yummy, delicious, mouth-watering...we can't pick our favorite word to describe Evelyn's cooking. She has such talent! My husband is always so thrilled when we order from Clean Plate Cooking. It's like going out for a yummy meal, but we get to stay home and enjoy it around our family table for a fraction of the cost. Our favorite dish is definitely the Mexican lasagna. You'll have to try it! - Desi and Co

THE BRUNDY FAMILY - We have been using Clean Plate cooking for about six months. We love to eat healthy meals, and neither of us like to cook. It is such a pleasure to have meals delivered to us two or three nights each week. It also saves us from going to restaurants and we have plenty of leftovers since it's just the two of us. A personal favorite is the shredded mojo chicken with sweet potatoes and cabbage. The quantity of the portions is generous and the meals are simply delicious. Thank you, Evelyn, and we look forward to enjoying your service for a long time! - Michael and Rochelle Brudny

THE THOMPSON FAMILY - Before we had kids and had two independent start up companies my husband cooked amazing home cooked meals for the two of us. Now that life has changed, a lot, it is often difficult to find time to cook more then chicken nuggets or hot dogs. With Clean Plate I can feed my entire family and know that the meal we are eating was made with fresh ingredients that are not just delicious but also healthy.  The Clean Plate meals are so delicious that even my picky eater (Adalyn) will eat anything I put on her plate. Knowing the food is made the night before I receive it lets me know that what I am serving my family is fresh, which makes it an easy choice.  - Amber Thompson